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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 31, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> i don't have no difference in sexualities. it's not what i feel in my heart. i treat everyone equal any type of way so that is how i feel. >> it's something he'll learn about himself. so he pledged to grow from it. and plu you know this will hope and pray it affects anymore a positive way going forward. >> 49er president thinks educating players is part of the organization's responsibility. >> because we're in the bay area, because we're one of the teams that embraced lgbt community it's up to me to make sure our guys understand that. i can give them the opportunity to expand their horizons. it's something i will take
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responsible. >> it's unfair. but you know, when you make comments like that, you've got to be very, very... careful when not offend anyone he was asked what he would like to say to people of san francisco. >> that i'm sorry if i offended anyone. hopefully, like i said, i can learn and grow from this situation. and that i love san francisco. >> he's going to have to deal with this for a while now. usa today reporting two 49er players did an antibullying video turns out it was for lgbt teens and they didn't realize it. >> this just shows one controversy can lead to another. >> right. right. >> it's a lot for 49ers and jed york to deal w i saw you
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there with jerry rice in thezk( greatest all time. we talked about the other controversy with randy moss says he's the greatest of all time. and it was interesting to hear what he had tos0c say. ñv we'll hear from him coming up in sports. >> yes. later on in the hour. let me get back to jed york. he did share funny moments today this, is the 49ers sixth super bowl appearance. and jed talking about the third niner victory in 1989 at just eight years old. >> we got out of the suite quickly and went down stairs. my grandfather three-piece suit. dressed to the nines. they didn't know the building
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that well. =? the cheer leaders room. >> we went into our room and celebrated. it's a fun experience. >> imagine, grandpa, where are we. we'll have more can w.yesterday coming up. he had a famous baby-sitter as he remembered his first moment collin rush will be along with that later on in sports. >> thank you very much. >> back to that story of the phony merchandise, federal agents seized a record amount of counterfeit merchandise in weeks it's part of what they're calling operation red zone. hundreds of thousands of gear has been rounded up. we're live along market street with where some of that gear
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is being sold allen? >> i was told to take a stroll down market street if i wanted" to find someone selling fake nfl merchandise. it wasn't hard to find them. this makes it irritating for the nfl which has been protective of properties. >> with this commercial... >> former raider linebacker says the nfl has a tight grip on merchandise and properties. this would have never happened in real live. it's why he says there is little toller yens for the sale of unlicensed merchandise. the super bowl, however, is fueling that demand. >> in san francisco we're seeing it from counter parts to other field offices there is more of this than anywhere eels just this week, homeland security and u.s. customs say they confiscated $300,000
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worth of unlicensed merchandise in san francisco. nationwide, $13 million in fake merchandise has been in china. >> these are selling from 15ses today $30. kit go for as much as 100s oodz is this licensed merchandise? >> yes. >> it is? >> can you show us?. >> what is that? >> it's a camera off me, please. >> this man we confronted on market street said he makes about 5s forwards every shirt he sell autos how are you able to break even? >> someone on the streets offered i said hey, why not. it's a chance to make money, do you know what i mean? i'm not robbing and stealing stuff. >> the merchandise store says it's not the street hustlers putting a dent in profits it's the pirate internet sites. part of the sting, six sites have been shut down,
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authorities say they keep popping up. a friend saw a jersey with jerry rice with a super bowl patch 47 on it. and we're -- it's not available out there. >> that is because rice isn't playing in super bowl 47. authorities say it has him chancing a lot of counterfeiters and if niners win there is going to be more. >> it's unbelievable. that stuff is everywhere. thank you very much. sab fran sheriff's department is ready to lend a hand if things get out of control. sheriff ross mirkarimi offered to provide resources and personnel to assist in crowd control and to respond to criminal activities. trying to avoid what happened after the world series. with sure to turn aaabc 7 news after the game ends.
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>> 50,000 49er fans entered a contest to win a trip to the super bowl. and a fan won that prize. the ticket holds special meaning for the winner and wife. >> go to super bowl we'll pick you up there to the airport. and after the game we'll fly you back. i was like oh. all right. >> 49er faithful still can't put into words how happy is he to be go together super bowl on an all-expenses paid trip this sunday. he enteredsñjñ sweep stakes through facebook page a week and a half ago and immediately forgot bit. in fact, heúp8 just bought this tv for the super bowl party he was going to host. needless to say the party has been cancelled. he and his wife, jen, are
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taking in the game from the super dome their daughters will be watching on tv with grandma. #jwrselves very often. so i get to sit on a plane without two kids! >> with this trip comes a sale of loss. jen learned her grandfather lost his battle with cancer, he was a 49er faithful. >> it's what he would have wanted and he was a huge niner fan. so is my grandmother she's like i'm going to look for you on tv. >> john says he knows grandpa will be with them in spirit and niners will calm way victorious. >> still head a rrt questioning conduct of police y did two officers have to point their guns at a 19-month-old child?
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>> and an east bay deli is forced to close after a noro virus break out. >> a crack down on one of san francisco's biggest land owners. >> i'm spencer christian. mild weather conditions and now, you can see a change in now, you can see a change in patterns developing. well, well, well.
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by state law you cannot do food preparation when you're sick. >> according to this doctor allowing workers to work around food isn't only unsafe but against the law. >> it's something like this bad like this happens to a lot of people that got sick. and won't have had to if that was not done. >> officials gave the deli a clean bill of health. making kim and his regulars very happy. >> drivers doing doughnuts on a freeway may face more than a slap on the wrist when caught. drivers stopped by the dangerous spectacle took videos like this one. this happened on 80 on saturday.
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it turns out california law is rather light when/mwlñ it come s to punishing those who participate unless someone is hurt or killed. >> it reckless driving and i'm sure the charge they'd want to be considering would be conspiracy, which is a felony. >> there is a state law allowing for a seizure of a car involved in an illegal exhibition of speed on the highway. >> meantime, san francisco is cracking down on one of the city's biggest land owners. academy of art university being given deadlines to comply with land use laws or face stiff fines. xñ academy of art university has grown from 68,000 students to 11,000 along the way it's acquired property to house and teach students, now owns 41
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properties across 12 neighborhoods. but the planning department says half are in violation of land use laws and that this school was put on notice seven years ago. >> policy has been if a client is trying to come into comply yens we want to allow them to do shah that. we have been doing that for a long time. >> the planning director gave the university a series of deadlines to meet. or face penalties of $26,000. another one was on track there is a minor point but i'm confident we'll get it done. >> land use issues include using buildings skond for commercial business as a school. other murder -- murder is completing an environmental
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impact report. university says the delay is in part because it kept growing and changing lawyers over five years could not have happened. >> we have discussed ish yutz planning department staff. we don't necessarily agree on something. but that is common dealing when w.things. >> the university lawyer and city agree that the school seems to be on track for compliance with the report done by this fall. >> an effort to manage air pollution today. this flies below 1200 feet. and researchers hope to find out how much we're being exposed to through other phenomenon such as the jet stream. which can bring pollution here
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from asia. what is out there today. >> sunny skies, mild conditions. we did have a little haze over the bay today. air quality was there. there are no spare the air alerts. looking at western sky we have a bit of a glow there. colorful sky. lots of clear blue. we may have clouds moving into our weather picture. precipitation free sky over the bay area now. these are the temperatures at this hour, 59 degrees in oakland. 57 san francisco. 55 in san jose. 59, fremont. cool spot is half moon bay. chilly inland overnight
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tonight. mild afternoons with us through monday. clouds into the sky as well. clouds may be coming sooner than expected. a large ridge is responsible for this current dry pattern but here comes clouds up from well to our south. these will just make the sky less sunny. clear skies and east bay low temperatures will be dropping into mid to upper 30s. upper 30s and tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and mild in the area. on the pin anyone slarks 65 degrees 66 in palo alto. and mild on the coast tomorrow as well. highs at 63 in half moon bay.
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downtown san francisco, 62 in the sunset district. north bay mid 60s to nappa. highs 67 in oakland. 66 union city. 65 castro valley. near monterey bay, we'll see 71 degrees in watsonville. mild weather and more clouds around but no hint of rain over the weekend. but by mid week, temperatures drop, clouds thicken a rather sharp change in weather. there is a slight chance of showers or light rain developing by mid to late week. of rain total autos yes. right where they should be at this time of the year. >> temperatures hitting 70s this weekend. >> yes.
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>> dreaming of spring. >> a confrontation between an officer and assault victim. officer and assault victim. >> abcwait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress.
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a court appointed monitor reports two police officers pointed their guns on a sleeping toddler last year. a local defense attorney called it disturbing. that same report also showed the department actually went backward in complying with 51 reforms laid out by a judge. police were not in full compliance with 11 steps during the last quarter
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comparing with nine three months ago. those short comings include steps to review the use of lethal force and problems in dealing with accusations of police misconduct. >> another troubled bay area police department is facing a complaint of excessive force tonight. dan noyes is here with a preview of the investigation that he has coming up this evening. >> someone sent me this package with a letter saying he trusts us to present the facts. at the center of the complaint this video. a young man called police for help after being attacked but he got into a violent confrontation. >> one thing i promised my family is that i would protect them. zp if i'm not protected by the police force, who am i fight something who is my enemy? who am i protecting my family against? >> tonight at 11:00 how that
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officer took a comment from the victim very personally z we question the department's handling of the force complaint, tonight at 11:00. thank you. >> police looking for the owner of a bag of jewelry found in fremont. we're going to show you pictures of jewelry found in a bag in the neighborhood. you can see many have items have price tags attached to them. >> news in mexico city. coming up an explosion rocking headquarters of the mexico state oil company forcing workers to evacuate. >> an investigation reveals the price of school bonds. billions of dollars taking decades to repay. very that story. >> and beyonce admits lip
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a large explosion killed at least 80 people at mexico's state owned company. it appears it took place in a basement of an administrative building. police triering to find out what caused the blast. spoke can be seen over the skyline and rescue workers are seen trying to free people trapped in the trouble.
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>> california taxpayers on the book for billions of dollars more because of new school district. some districts have use aid form of creative financing carrying a very high cost. >> napa valley unified school district promised to keep taxes low when building this high school in american canyon. >> our promise was to keep the tax bill at or below 39 we're able to accomplish that. >> there wasn't enough money to finish the project and traditional school bonds and allowing payments to be stretched out over a longer period but there is a price. one district a loan costs 23
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times more than first borrowed. an investigation found state has some of the loosest rools in the nation. found 321 school zrekts used cabs. costing taxpayers nearly $22 billion. in southernup
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>> should school districts be making deals where there is a huge balloon payment on debt some day, they're not paying for it as they use the new facility. >> in the all districts swril huge balloon payments. still, some worry the burden of carrying the debt will catch up. >>ñr if you don't have money to pay for it maybe you should have toned it down a bit. >> scott andrews ran for the school board in 2009. >> in my eyes district is bankrupt already.
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they just don't know it. they haven't had to default on a payment yet. >> districts that use this moneying -- financing argue they're an investment in the future. >> i don't see fault here. the community agreed with us. they approved the bond. and we went around, funding the bonds. as long as the state doesn't fund our educational needs and requirements guys like me are forced to look and with creative in financing. >> lawmakers are calling for a moratorium on these types of bonds. >> wall street is off to a good start. dow jones fell today but up almost 6% since the first of the yir making this the best hñ of january in almost two deck yaifd autos beyonce acknowledge that had yes, she banner but promised her
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performance on sunday will be live. she sang the national anthem today in a new orleans news conference. >> i am a perfectist. due to weather and delay, due to pro properh'!o sound check i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. waits about the president and inauguration. i wanted to make him, and my country proud. >> she said, quote, this is what i was born to do. >> no doubt. >> well, he's the world's second youngest billionaire, we're talking about mark zuckerberg. people are asking how he did it that a book has become a bet -- bestseller.
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>> as a marketing strategist she's worked with facebook for years, now, she's written a book. >> is he a complex guy? >> i don't think so. i think he loves to bail out . i think he's misunderstood. >> he never cared for the victim. walter agrees it's not that accurate. >> his character as a leader. >> he had his idols bill gates and steve jobs. saying he took candidates on a hike. >> meeting in the board room let's meet on the woods. >> and he did that sflt. >> he did. he did.
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>> zuckerberg learned from jobs mistakes when facebook went public zuckerberg kept a ÷ he can't be fired. >> the fact that spending was way higher than it was. >> the rollout of the search is costing money. he knows they'll bring in cash. he may be a hacker at heart but surrounded himself with a business like cheryl sandberg walters says is good at everything zuckerberg isn't. >> he admits his short coming. very big, i think, in the leadership role. >> michael finney is up next with a service unlike any other.
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despite weather tomorrow is february 1 and it's time to start thinking about valentine's day flowers. >> yes. there is a lot of competition for business. so michael finney has been looking into some unique services being offered. >> you're going to say why didn't i think of that? sending players is expensive ask how do you know what you paid for is what was sent. >> when sending flowers we have concern that's what we bought and paid for isn't what actually arrived. >> they show up and they're wilted and it looks like you
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didn't care. it's a problem. i did care. >> have you ever received flowers that were lousy? >> yes. >> what happened? >> well, i put them in a vase to be nice. >> this is kind of cool. >> do you feel like the person that sent them got ripped off? >> yes. yes. >> all sites showed pretty pictures how can you know what is delivered? 7 on your side found a way. a unique service offered by ilia and jane shane of jane's rose autos works well for both. for us, that our client is happy and for clients that they have whatever they ordered and6dn÷ know they didn't waste money they're happy.
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>> flowers for you. >> so cool. >> thank you would you allow to us do this? >> yes. >> he brings out a camera, a picture is taken of the flowers and recipient. it's a fun moment. photo is e mailed to the sender. this is upside down but must are right side up, like these. awill youing the sender to get in on the fun and make sure they get what they paid for. >> this is so cool. it's start. i'll have her take a picture for me this, is really neat. it's a cool service. >> i'm surprised that nobody copies this service perfect
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us. i don't know why. but nobody does. >> so i did an internet search and found a handful of florists offering this service. there are others that i may not have pick up on. doi hope others pick up on this this is great. >> and it's more fun. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> capturing spirit of new orleans. >> yes. wayne freedman takes a river
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this week, exploring some of the fascinating aspects of new orleans culture. tonight a ride on a steam-powered time machine courtesy of wayne freedman. wayne? >> not only is there a view of new orleans but niner fans one is from modesto. >> right. >> niners, i hope. >> do you like the boat ride? >> i love the boat ride lure looking at and listening to a traditional sound among the river boat set.
6:44 pm
and now, let us pull you. it's a one of a kind job. that is a signature call from a river. the steam boat, old technology in a new forum. >> you got so much new technology now. a lot of the fewer people don't know how old people did it.wyzw it's a tourist attraction yes but a get away from crowds. escape in space and time over some of the deepest water of the mississippi. this is no digital rendition. that is a giant paddle wheel driven by a team engine so old it came from another boat in a previous century. >> you start a job, you like what you do? >> yes. >> then, you can make it your life long. >> workings of the machine
6:45 pm
fascinated us. they say this is like a living thing. a closed system two. boilers for hearts. the crew named them thelma and louise because they're well, temper mental. >> you can see fire in it. the fire passes through tubes. >> it may, or may not fascinate diners tonight. nothing beats a time machine driven by steam. and now you're looking at fire works they're gone but that is new orleans. there is that giant paddle churning away going forward and back. it generates a lot of power, we're having a great time on the steamer. there is a debate about how you pronounce it. we don't mean disrespect. we're having a good time in new orleans.
6:46 pm
you're doing a great job bringing it to us. >> there is spectacular food. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> spencer christian is back. >> things looking good here in the bay area, a cloud-free sky right now. taking a look at conditions in new orleans if you're planning to go down for the super bowl. weekend or just curious. four day forecast looks like this, sunny skies near tomorrow. cool by new orleans standards but pleasant. partly cloudy over the weekend. temperatures rising both days. game will be played in the super dome. a closed facility is what i'm trying to say. it doesn't matter what your conditions are. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny mild for next four, five days into early next week, then, we can see more clouds in the sky. temperatures dropping off and we may have rain drops by thursday.
6:47 pm
>> it's got a roof. >> we've got it. >> yes. >> just ahead here we're going to go back to new orleans. >> larry beil is in the super dome. >> yes. i don't get to ride on the mississippi. wayne does. but anyway, the 49ers practicing today, we'll talk with the greatest of all time. the one, the only, jerry rice as mike shumann sits down for save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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good evening, we're live in new orleans this, is kind of usual because two teams are now practicing at the same facility. let's start with 49ers working out today at the new orleans saints practice facility. working out for the first time outdoors. it's been so windy here. ravens were working at at tulane. players weren't happy with
6:51 pm
that field so they followed the niners. all right. now, let's talk about the greatest of all time. mike shumann. >> well, it's a program... you talk to the greatest of all time. >> jerry rice shows up and just gets blind side byñr this quote he thinks he's the greatest of all time. we talked about that today, one on one. >> how does it feel to be the second greatest receiver? >> second greatest of all time? i got demoted, fast. >> you would never hear me say i'm theñi best wide receiver to play the game. i just love playing. >> i was surprised by comments but i think this is just randy
6:52 pm
moss. i likes to bring attention to himself w him saying you can't bring the stats and how i impacted the game. if you are number one, you have to bring stats into the equation. i was not the most tall vented but going to outwork you. and never took plays off. >> this is hard to compare. >> it's hard to compare. and i think he brought a face to the game. have you to respect him. i fsvv like i impkted the game in a special way this, is what it's all about here this hardware. and making it to the super bowl. and being browned champion.
6:53 pm
hopefully, he can get a super bowl ring this weekend. >> fr me he'll always be the greatest of all time, or, the goat. >> we're going to hand off to collin rush. >> and i'm ray lewis. >> you know occupations get passed down from generation to generation. most people it's firefighting or teaching. for jed york it became a franchise. >> it's hard not to think about wanting to run a football team. >> work is there in pesh. first taste of victory, 1989. >> i tell people i feel i'm 8
6:54 pm
years old, back in,ez miami. it's sort of home for me. >> the game leaving a mark on york. >> we had fans in front of the suite kaunting with us their chants whenñr down 16-13. i just remember joe montana is our quarterback we're not going to lose. >> they haven't, since.÷ it's up to him to keep the perfect streak intact. >> yesterday commenting he believes there is no owner haf fame.nyp÷ >> shu? one more play here? >> very well done there.
6:55 pm
>> we'll see you again at 11:00 live from new orleans. back to you. >> this is a good start, larry. thank you. >> coming up then do you need that mammogram? people telling you which cancer screenings to get. >> a call to police for help that turned violent. all of it caught on camera. we have our investigation. >> in the meantime that is this edition of abc news at 6:00. >> from the entire news team, thanks for joining us. ñrhope to see yt 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament!
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introduc today's contestants -- a senior from el paso, texas... a freshman from marietta, georgia... and a junior from goodyear, arizona... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to another quarterfinal match. katie, nilai, and brittany, pick up those signaling devices. you are going to work right now in the first round. here are the categories for you. and things that occurred... alex: brittany, you start. breakfast cereals for $200, please.
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